In her final year as a junior rider, Cara is determined to honour her mother’s memory by equalling her record of winning all five regional Showings and the Island Championship. But she faces serious competition, especially from Ernestina of Clapperclaw and her dragon Stormbringer – and, to everyone’s amazement, Hortense.

Her knowledge that a single mistake could end her dream dents Cara’s confidence. And when a serious injury to Dragonsdale’s Chief Riding Instructor forces Cara to take on the training of the young riders, it is soon clear to Cara, and to everyone else, that being a great rider and teaching someone else to be one are very different things.

In the meantime, the Clapperclaw stud appears to have mislaid a dragon. And when Cara’s unwilling participation in a hunt ends in disaster, it seems that her chance of marching her mother’s record has gone for good.