Cara is the daughter of Huw, Master of Dragonsdale. She yearns to fly Skydancer, a rare Goldenbrow dragon; but having been rescued following the death of his mother, and not raised in captivity from the egg, Skydancer is considered untameable. Her own mother having died in a riding accident not long before Skydancer’s arrival, Cara has formed an unbreakable bond with the wilful dragon. However, her father, feeling responsible for her mother’s accident, has forbidden Cara to ride; and Skydancer will not permit anyone but Cara to ride him.

The first book of Dragonsdale tells how Cara, with the aid of her friends Breena and Wony and despite the blunderings of newly-arrived stablehand Drane and the machinations of Hortense, daughter of the High Lord of Seahaven and Cara’s worst enemy, pursues her lifelong ambition to ride Skydancer.