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Far out in the ocean, beyond all the shores we know, hangs a huge bank of mist - the Veil. 

The shimmering white curtain of the Veil hides a wonderful secret. 

For beyond the Veil lie the Isles of Bresal – The Land of the Blessed. 

The Isles are home to humans and merfolk, pards and perytons, howlers and firedogs…

… and dragons.


This is the largest and most heavily populated island, and is regarded (certainly by those who live there) as the civilised heart of Bresal. 


The Isles of Finnglass are more rugged and wild than Seahaven, but its people have a reputation for warmth and hospitality. 

THE EASTERN ISLES (Easthay, Westhay and Duneg)

These are craggy and inhospitable: the inhabitants are hardy and tend to be stern and suspicious of strangers. 

THE WESTERN ISLES (Wildernesse, The Swan and Sygnets and Steampool)

These are wild and untamed isles, home to wild beasts and their predators, with few human settlements.